Control Room Management Software Suite

Control Room Management Software Suite

VTRON offers a complete solution for the control room signal and display management.

VTRON is a leading suppliers rarely supplying video wall display with control room and broadcast grade signal processing platform, together with a wide range of visualization and Collaboration software which are consistently geared towards the specific requirements of the most diverse fields and scale of application.

With more than 20+ years experience, we have been designing and producing integrated solutions which incorporate not only the display hardware and the controllers for managing video walls or individual monitors but also the Control Room Management Software Suite and control room Console management with Fiber KVM Systems.

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APPMaster & VLINKkExpress

VTRON’s APPMaster captures the application windows of signal PC and the entire desktop and encode them into IP streaming signal. One business host with APPMaster can output up to 12 application windows as independent signals. It helps cutting down your investment on business hosts greatly. With its powerful signal customizing function, such as specify the display area, signal title and frame rate, APPMaster provides you with a concise and clear display.


Super Media

VTRON’s SuperMedia maximizes your video wall system’s capacity and empowers you in the big data era.SuperMedia enriches your presentation content with more objects, such as signals, images, videos, data, GIS, rolling texts, to fulfill your diversified display requirements.

Dashboard binding with your database visualizes the massive data and provide you with a clear and well-organized decision-making basis.

Personalized and diversified application template and component library helps you to design a fantastic presentation after only a few minutes learning.



VTRON’s SlickView is a visual editing and display tool for the comprehensive presentation of large screen strip screen captions, duty information, multimedia and signals in the control room.

Visualization Interactive System (VIS)

VTRON’s VIS Visualization Interactive system provides you not only a visualized and movable control of your video wall system but also a high efficient signal sharing and team collaboration platform.

Signals can be labeled, controlled, and integrated on any screens located anywhere to facilitate the convenient sharing and interaction, making command and control more efficient.VIS Visualization Interactive system makes information sharing easier, collaboration simpler, and decision-making more efficient.



VTRON Digicom Processor are manage by VTRON’s Video Wall Management System VWAS (VCMS/ VEMS) which is a powerful video wall control and management platform, developed based on Client-Server architecture and is applied to VTRON full series of products namely DLP/LCD/ LED video wall and Digicom processor. Thanks to its advanced architecture, multiple users are allowed to simultaneously login it via network.

It is compatible perfectly with other software module from VTRON’s Control Room Management Suite, VlinkExpress, VIS, AppMaster, Super Media etc. The VTRON’s entire package provides convenience and high efficiency for managing your Control Room video signal and display systems.