DLP Rear Projection Video Walls

LASER/ LED Rear-Projection Video Walls

VTRON’s rear-projection video walls are made up of video wall display cubes. This type of video walls are designed for demanding 24/7 critical control room applications of broadcasting studios and control room markets such as traffic control, energy and utilities, security and military, and public emergency operations centers. VSI helps selecting appropriate cube features such as including fully redundancy, cost effective performance, slim, front access cube to suit your needs.

Visionpro® C-1500

VTRON’s Visionpro® C-1500 series is the super bright model of Visionpro® C series. VTRON’s Visionpro® C-1500 series has the world’s first super high brightness LED-lit DLP™ light engine. It features industry-leading performance with high brightness. Powered by the state-of-the-art super bright LED light source, the video wall delivers exceptional high image quality and performance. The series is incorporating with the highest level of reliability and ultimate redundancy for demanding 24/7 control room operations.

Visionpro® C

VTRON’s Visionpro® C series video wall display cube contributes many large-screen display wall systems in critical control rooms and broadcasting studios. With its 3rd generation LED light sources and fully redundancy of critical components, you can enjoy outstanding images with unmatched reliability to meet the demanding requirements of 24/7 applications.

Visionpro® E

VTRON’s Visionpro® E series LED light source video wall display cube is an affordable solution for demanding small-to-medium-sized control rooms. The series delivers unmatched high brightness, high colour stability, low power consumption and dustproof design. Brochure Visionpro® E

Visionpro® CF

VTRON’s Visionpro® CF series offers robust front access design requiring minimal installation depth. The series allows full access of installation and maintenance work in front of the video cube. Visionpro® CF series is built on the core technologies of Visionpro® C Series, which comes with the outstanding features including ultra-high brightness, fully redundancy, ultra-long LED lifetime for perfect performance. Visionpro® CF Series is the first choice of small to medium sized control rooms.

Visionpro® EF

VTRON’s Visionpro®EF series is an affordable slim profile DLP™ rear-projection cube with LED light source for small to medium sized control rooms that demand a tight operation space. The series works perfectly in control rooms which require high reliability and availability for continuous 24/7 operation. With its small depth, front access maintenance and seamless screen gap, Visionpro®EF video wall cube is a perfect alternative to LCD panel.

Visionpro® 3D

VTRON’s Visionpro® 3D series is designed for high resolution 3D stereoscopic applications. The series is suitable to display vivid images of virtual simulation applications such as military training, flight simulation, industrial design, urban planning, geological information and satellite remote sensing. What’s more, the 3D display cubes can also display 2D 4K images for 24/7 mission critical operations.