Video Wall Controllers

Controller for small display wall up to 3x3 Series

Economy Video wall Controller

Coherent Systems’s ImageBox Lite: The 1 by 4 HDMI TV Wall support CVBS/VGA/HDMI/USB play input sources to be freely arranged on 4 displays. The embedded scaler converts signals from the input sources to match the native resolution of monitors, flat panel displays, projectors as well as user-selectable output settings up to 1920×1080. All the operation and control can be done through IR, Ethernet and RS-232.

The HDMI Video Wall is widely used in KTV, hotels, bars, leisure centers, shopping malls, television stores, cinemas, products display, media advertising, building, education and training, Brand stores, airports, subway, etc.

CSL ImageBox UD Series

FHD or 4K processor for Creative display with image rotating capability

ImageBox UD Series is a high-performance image-fold line rotary switch, with an internal high-speed image processing chip, its allows the input of multiple signal such as HDMI, DP, phone MHL, VGA, to switch any one of the signal output to HDMI . Products can achieve perfect image of the signals and video synchronous switch in different formats and orientation, by setting to achieve rotate the image the degree of 90,180,270.

ImageBox- Edge Blending Series

Edge Blending Processor with PIP/POP and Edge Blending for Projectors with Portrait Direction for Flexible Display Configuration

A curved screen edge blending processor with the ability to provide multiple processing modules to control from 1 to 4 projectors based on user’s requirements. It can provide single processing module for one projector, ED2 for 2 projectors, ED3 for 3 projectors and ED4 for 4 projectors. It was designed for sophisticated edge blending as well as image warping, stacking, projection mapping, irregular video wall and passive 3D…etc.