Video Wall Processors

Control Room & Broadcast Grade

Video wall processors (or video processors) are advanced signal routers that that take several inputs and create or composite them together into a single image, which can then be output to a grid of synchronised displays (a videowall). VSI selects wide range of powerful video wall processors that allows to integrate with any brand of LCD, DLP or LED video walls.

  • industrial grade PCIE vs. real-time bus architecture
  • MS Windows vs. Linux based OS platform
  • control one video wall vs. multiple video walls simultaneously
  • displays multi-types of input signals i.e. DVI, VGA, HDMI, and IP streams
  • displays from a few to as many of 300 outputs
  • displays IP signals with IP processing boards or adopting a full distributed IP based video processor
  • achieves minimum downtime of 30s with hot swappable and instant image recovery functions
  • displays capabilities of 4K content, high synchronisation across the whole wall or real-time display

VSI VM600 Processor for small to medium Control Room

VSI VM600 Processor series offers all-in-one video processors for small to medium sized control rooms. VSI VM600 Processor series supports various types of input signals simultaneously. The series works in perfect unison with the multi-screen display up to 72 output screens and enables tiled video wall displays to respond as super high resolution Windows® desktop. With redundant power supplies, fans and the RAID option for hard disks, VSI VM600 Processor series brings higher performance and reliability.

Hardware-Based High performance processor

VTRON’s Digicom® HC3000 is a compact video wall processor integrated with the RIET technology to achieve stable and high-performance image processing of driving up to 36 display units. Digicom® HC3000 is ideal to fulfill the demanding 24/7 visualisation needs in control and command centres, data centres and operations monitoring centres.

VSI VM600 Video Processor is a hardware-based video wall processor series integrated with RIET technology to achieve stable and high-performance image processing. VSI VM600 Video Processor gives option to drive separated video walls simultaneously.

Digicom® Ark5000​

VTRON’s Digicom® Ark5000 series is capable of driving up to hundreds of display units fulfilling all demanding 24/7 control room visualisation needs. Digicom® Ark5000 gives options to support layout content preview and drive separated video walls. With bandwidth reaching n x 750Gbps and its Real-time Intelligent Exchange Transmission (RIET) technology, the Digicom® Ark5000 series supports real-time display. Featuring its genuine hot swappable components, the Digicom® Ark5000 series assures easy maintenance.