Hyundai Motor, Saudi Arabia

Location: Saudi Arabia
Application: Presentation
System Configuration:

  • 3×4 70” VTRON rear projection cube
  • VTRON Digicom® Ark3000 processor

Hyundai Saudi has launched a new showroom showcasing customer’s personalised cars vividly by adopting VTRON’s 3×4 70” C Series DLP video cubes and Digicom® Ark3000 processor. VTRON’s video wall cubes are adopted because of its ability to display the cars smoothly with their actual colours. Also, the gap among the video cubes can be perfectly aligned that gives seamless immersive images and brings customer viewing experience to next level. VTRON’s Digicom® Ark3000 processor is selected because of its real-time processing power with no latency to showcase the speedy cars on highways.