Seoul Hoseo Technical College, Korea

Korea Seoul Hoseo Technical College
Location: Seoul, Korea
Application: Security, education, control room mock up
System Configuration: 2×2 of 60″ VTRON rear projection cube

Company background

Korea Seoul Hoseo Technical College has set up a Network Security Control Center aiming to train their students to become professional control room operators to protect network from international hackers. The course usually splits students into 2 groups that one group is black hat hackers and the other one is white hat hackers. Two groups of students will attack and protect the network system at the same time.

Video wall in bright ambiance

In the Network Security Control Center, VTRON’s video wall consisting 2×2 60” rear projection cubes is used to showcase the network security status. VTRON display was chosen due to its vivid color and high brightness for long-time monitoring under bright ambiance as well as fast processing time for moving animations.